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HeroClix - Clixfx Base Accessory Kit


HeroClix Fans can show what ongoing game effects are in play with these sculpted base accessories! The ClixFX Accessory Pack contains eleven bases for use in the HeroClix game, including Smoke, Ice/Wall, Web, and more!

HeroClix ClixFX Bases are sculpted game accessory items that fit under HeroClix figure bases and act as visual indicators of ongoing game effects from standard or special powers.

The ClixFX Accessory Kit contains the following ClixFX bases:

3 Smoke ClixFX Bases
2 Ice/Wall ClixFX Bases
1 Energy ClixFX Base
1 Slash ClixFX Base
1 Web ClixFX Base
1 Fire ClixFX Base
1 Wind ClixFX Base
1 Water ClixFX Base

UPC: 634482724668