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Witches Of The Revolution


A cooperative deck-building board game where covens fight a secret war for victory in the American Revolution.

The Revolution has come! In Colonial America, players lead groups of witches who must fight to see their fledgling nation rise up and achieve freedom from tyranny. Each coven builds from a modest start, recruiting ever-more-powerful allies and relics. Mundane, military, and supernatural challenges arise at a quickening pace. If unaddressed, they overwhelm the revolutionaries and the war is lost. But the fruits of small successes lead inexorably to progress against the more important objectives that can secure ultimate victory against the British. The colonies of the Americas were a haven for the persecuted. But now, those who would have freedom must fight for it!

Each player's deck is a coven of witches. More powerful witches, recruited as the game progresses, expand each coven's power and capabilities. Players must overcome events like the destruction of patriot smithies, desecration of sacred ground, and vilification of witch-hunters. As events are overcome, progress is made against larger objectives like imbuing the Liberty Bell with power, deposing the British governor, and even resurrecting Benjamin Franklin. If too many events go without resolution, or tyranny presses too vigorously, the Revolution fails and the players lose. A subtly different deck-builder where decks are tuned and upgraded rather than simply built, with less powerful cards winnowed automatically.

- A distinctive theme that unites familiar elements in a new way.
- A truly cooperative game where the players win or lose together. No traitor mechanics, secret information, or awkward cross-purposes.
- Includes a sound, solid, fun solo mode that doesn't require additional components or workarounds.


118 poker-sized cards
80 mini cards
42 punchboard tokens
game board

Players: 1-4
Ages: 13+
Playtime: 30-60 min

UPC: 9781589781795