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    Upper Deck - 2021-22 Extended Series - Blaster Box

    $15.00 $24.99

      8 Cards per Pack
      5 Regular Packs + 1 Bonus Pack per Box


      Complete your 2021-22 Upper Deck Base Set - the most cherished and widely-collected annual set in hockey!

      All Rookie Content is based off of players who have qualified for rookie card status as of Jan. 5, 2022.

      Extended series delivers 200 new veteran cards and 50 additional Young Guns®, providing collectors the opportunity to create an impressive collection for the 2021-22 NHL Season.

      Look for the continuation of the Dazzlers - Green insert set. Collect cards of this brightly-colored collection.

      Search for the classic UD Canvas® set featuring Young Guns® & Mascots!

      Collect the rare Record Collections insert set featuring players who hold impressive NHL records!

      Upper Deck Extended Series revives some classic Upper Deck insert sets that will excite collectors old and new:
      - 1999-2000 SPx Retros - A collection of star veterans and rookies in the classic 1999-2000 design.
      - HoloGrFx NHL/HoloGrFx - Star veteran and top rookie sets, and a Gold parallel of the rookie set.
      - 2005-06 Black Diamond Retros - Star veterans and rookies with 1, 2, 3, and 4 star variations in the 2005-06 design.
      - Upper Deck Triple Dimensions Reflections - A star veteran and top rookie set.

      Collect the 2006-07 Upper Deck Retro set, including Young Guns®! Look out for the Retail & Blaster Exclusive Gold Stockpile parallels of this set!