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The Last Hundred Yards: The Solomons Island (Recommended)


The Last Hundred Yards Vol. 3: The Solomon Islands is the third game in the Last Hundred Yards Series. This game focuses on the vicious and brutal Solomons Campaign, including actions to control the islands of Guadalcanal, Bougainville, and New Georgia.

When you play the Solomon Islands Campaign missions, you will experience some of the fiercest small unit actions in the Pacific Theater. The game will focus on actions involving the 1st (The Old Breed) and 3rd (Fighting Third) Marine Divisions, as well as the Army’s 25th Infantry Division—the unit that finally drove the Japanese off the island, earning them the nickname “Tropic Lightning.”


This volume introduces new weapons and terrain including flamethrowers, anti-tank halftracks, light and heavy jungle. Each mission will provide new challenges with different elements, forces, and situations encountered, making this volume an exciting and nail-biting addition to The Last Hundred Yard Series.


  • 4 double-sided geomorphic maps
  • 2 9/16” counter sheets
  • 2 3/4” counter sheets
  • 1 full-color Rules booklet
  • 1 full-color Playbook
  • Mission Cards (10 missions)
  • 2 Combat/Terrain Charts
  • 1 Game Turn Track
  • 4 Dice

Note: This game is a stand alone game. It does NOT require ownership of The Last Hundred Yards to be played.