The Caster Chronicles: Starter Deck Vol.4 – Angel’s Waltz VS Demon’s Rondo

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The Next Caster Chronicles starter deck will be including 2 full decks! (Angel’s Waltz and Demon’s Rondo)

  • You can play with your friends immediately with just this set!
  • The casters who appeared in previous sets change their costume to Angel or Demon and power up!
  • This deck is a must have for new and old players alike!
  • This deck is similar in power to Magical Dream 7.

Included cards in Demon’s Rondo:

x2 Mona Styla (Demon ver.)
x3 Mealzebub
x4 Demon Spawn
x2 Passion Wing (Demon ver.)
x4 Cat Girl
x2 Forre Mellow (Demon ver.)
x4 Faceless Monk
x2 Glory Butterfly (Demon ver.)
x3 Arrogant Dragon
x4 Touched by a Demon
x4 Ruka Eremi (Demon ver.)
x2 Ruka Eremi (Demon ver.) Lv2
x3 Instagenic Fly
x2 Zoi Russel (Demon ver.)
x4 Red Pencil of Judgement
x2 Maisey Queen (Demon ver.)
x3 Sea Bream of Love

Included cards in Angel’s Waltz:

x2 Marigold (Angel ver.)
x3 Angel of Cotton Candy
x2 Fianma Fantasia (Angel ver.)
x4 Genji Firefly
x4 Flame of Purity
x4 Chopart (Angel ver.)
x2 Chopart (Angel ver.) Lv2
x4 Koro-Pok-Guru
x2 Tina (Angel ver.)
x3 Heishi Firefly
x2 Tassel March (Angel ver.)
x3 Angel of Gold
x2 Cuella Merenga (Angel ver.)
x4 Angel of Silver
x2 Eren Shila (Angel ver.)
x3 Bloodless Dominator
x4 Angel’s Descent

*All cards will be included as different named cards. If you want to use previous “Mona Styla” and the new “Mona Styla (Demon ver.)”, you can use 4 of each in your deck.

Product Contents:

  • 100 cards(2 separate 50 card decks)
  • 34 different cards (16 FOIL cards)
  • Play sheet
  • Rule sheet
  • Game Manual
  • PR cards “Saaya Matsui” and “Sigma Rhein”