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Street Fighter - Chun Li - Juniors Crew Socks

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Custom Knitted Character graphic of Chun-Li from Street Fighter that wraps around your leg and foot. 200n Construction for finer detail. Chun-Li, Blue Jade... Chun-Li's father was killed by M. Bison, so she joined Interpol to get resources to find and bring him to justice. During the events of SFA2 her marrial arts teacher (and an old friend of her father's), Gen, gives her a lead on who may have killed her father. She begins to investigate the mysterious crime syndicate, Shadaloo, and eventually confronts M. Bison. She demands that he tells her what happened to her father, but he attacks her and quickly defeats her. He tells her that he will kill her if she attacks him again, and flies away in his airship. With tears in her eyes, Chun-Li swore vengeance.Street Fighter Chun-Li 360 Printed Crew Socks (sock size 10-13/men's shoe size 8-12 US)