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Star Realms Base Set Deck


Star Realms is a spaceship combat deck-building game.

Star Realms is a fast paced deck-building card game of outer space combat. It combines the fun of a deck-building game with the interactivity of Trading Card Game style combat. As you play, you make use of Trade to acquire new Ships and Bases from the cards being turned face up in the Trade Row from the Trade Deck. You use the Ships and Bases you acquire to either generate more Trade or to generate Combat to attack your opponent and their bases. When you reduce your opponent's score (called Authority) to zero, you win!

With multiple decks of Star Realms, one for each two people, you can play scenarios that allow for up to six players.

Each of the cards in the 80 card Trade Deck is a Ship or a Base belonging to one of four factions: The Trade Federation, The Blobs, The Star Empire or The Machine Cult.


80 Trade Deck Cards
16 Scout Cards
10 Explorer Cards
4 Viper Cards
12 1/5 Authority Cards
6 10/20 Authority Cards
1 Rules Sheet

Players: 2
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 20 min