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Continuum Security Gates

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From: Plast Craft

Materials: PVC foam, MDF, Methacrylate.

Width: 4.6cm / 1.8in
Height: 9.3cm / 3.7in
Length: 20.0cm / 7.9in
Weight: 175gr/ 0.39lb

“How many times have we crossed these gates, stupid snorr? It always happens and you end up hurt. I told you that you should not stop in the middle to contemplate the landscape!”
-Banfor Silvershot said to his pack animal.

Continuum Security Gates has been designed to be played in skirmish games and other 28-32mm scale wargames of futuristic aesthetics such us Star Wars™: Legion, Infinity: The game, Warpath™, etc.

This model can be used as a single piece of terrain or as part of set: The Turku Spaceport.
This model comes pre-colored.
This product is delivered unassembled.