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Friday The 13th Horror At Camp Crystal Lake Game

  • do you have what it takes to survive the night? now you can in this officially licensed friday the 13th board game where players press their luck and avoid jason voorhees from the classic horror film series
  • players take on the role of stereotypical characters - the nerd, the partier, the nice guy, the final girl, the diva, and the jock - as they try to survive multiple nights from the terror that is jason
  • coveted tools of survival are just within your reach to randomly draw from a camp bag - cast iron pans, gasoline, cleavers, flashlights and more - that can be used in combinations for higher point values. but watch out for the jason tokens as pulling 2 will results in your character being chased back to the cabin for reprieve.
  • includes: 6 player boards, 1 cabin board, 10 critical supply cards, 6 backpack cards, 64 fear cards, 88 blood spatter tokens, 6 escape tokens, 6 player tokens, 1 night tracker, 67 supply tokens, 1 camp bag, 1 rulebook
  • players 3-6, ages 17+, 60 min play time