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Days Of Ire: Budapest 1956


Number of Players: 1-4

Playing Time: 60-90 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 12+

Days of Ire: Budapest 1956 is a historically inspired card-driven board game, playable by 1-4 people. It can be played both co-operatively or in a one-versus-many setting. It is set during the most explosive days of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, in Budapest, where the fighting was the most fierce. The revolutionary players collect cards and fighters to resolve events and other challenges posed to them by their Soviet opponent (real or simulated). In order to win, they must stay alive throughout the 7 days of fighting - while ensuring that the city doesn't fall to pieces


  • 1 Large board
  • 138+ Cards
    • 38x Revolution cards
    • 30x Events, 3x Starting events
    • 42x Headlines
    • 14x General Zhukov cards
    • 8x State Protection Authority cards
  • 80+ Tokens and markers
    • 22x Fighters
    • 3x Revolutionary tanks
    • 8x Tanks
    • 14x Militia
    • 5x Snipers
    • 2x Barricades
    • 9x Event resolution markers
    • 11x Inactive fighter markers
    • 13x Injury markers
  • 2x D6 dice
  • 3x Player standees