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Anachrony: Fractures Of Time - Expansion


Pre-Order for Release on: February 15, 2021

Fractures of time is the first major expansion to Anachrony featuring a new faction, a new worker type and a whole new take on the worker placement mechanism. the box also includes a reworked solo mode for the Anachrony base game and its various modules.

In the alternate storyline of Fractures of Time, the four original Paths and the newly formed, sanguine Path of Unity explore the Amethynia Valley, the expansion's new main location. By enlisting the help of the Operators, a new worker type, players can adapt the Valley's technology, and most importantly, harvest Flux for themselves and unleash its immense potential. Temporal Fractures opened with Flux cores can double the efficiency of deployed Exosuits, essentially enabling them to be present in two places at once. In the new expansion, instead of placing a new Exosuit on your turn, you may spend a Flux Core to move ("Blink") an already placed Exosuit from one action space to another, opening up new strategies and adding a lot of player interaction.


By using the Flux Cores to power up their Fracture device, players may move ("Blink") one of their already placed Exosuits to a new action space instead of placing a new one, or immediately retrieve some of their Workers or Free Action markers. This can result in never-beforeseen action efficiency, but just like the Time Rifts, the Flux technology is a double-edged sword. Without a sufficiently advanced Fracture device, overusing it can cause Temporal Glitches; hectic negative effects such as shutting down the Exosuit bay slots, temporarily disabling buildings, or making players more prone to Anomalies.


The fifth Path introduced in the expansion comes with its own unique player board, Leaders, game style and 6 exclusive 55 mm tall new Exosuit miniature models, the Paladin. With a third Leader introduced to every faction and asymmetrical B-sides for each Path's Fracture device side board, the various setup combinations ensure that players can discover fresh Fractures of Time gameplay experiences over and over


Fractures of Time introduces two new versions for Anachrony's popular solo mode, the Chronobot. The Chronobot Omega is very similar to the original Chronobot, but works with less randomness, and is still only playable with the Essential Edition.
The Chronossus is a whole new, reworked and slightly more complex iteration of the Chronobot. It is better at simulating passing, it has more customizable difficulty levels, and is not only compatible with Fractures of Time, but with the gameplay content in the Classic Expansion as well.

Players: 1-4
Ages: 15+
Playtime: 30+