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Alien Bestiary Companion (Pf) HC - (RPG)


It Came from the Stars!
The Alien Bestiary Companion brings you an incredible array of SCi-fi and space-themed monsters and menaces for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! The creatures you'll find within are perfect for whenever your heroes make a foray into the dark tapestry of space or have to defend their home from alien invasion by eldritch horrors from beyond the stars, but they're even better when you're running a dedicated SCi-fi saga like the Legendary Planet Adventure Path or an interplanetary campaign set among the stars like the Aethera Campaign Setting!
You'll find allies and adversaries within these pages, from playable races for your SCi-fi game to cosmic horrors and apocalyptic enemies inspired by classic themes of SCience fiction. This volume collects over 150 monsters from CR ½ to CR 27, including not only residents of the Legendary Planet and Aethera settings but also, enhanced mythic versions of a number of space and SCi-fi monsters like the myrmidon robot, plasma ooze, and star-spawn of Cthulhu, alongside brand-new never-before-seen monsters like the asteroid worm, star fairy, meteor dragon, and supermassive singularity!