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7Th Sea Core Rulebook - (RPG)

Canadian and Provincal ta

7th Sea is a tabletop roleplaying game of swashbuckling and intrigue, exploration and adventure, taking place on the continent of Theah, a land of magic and mystery inspired by our own Europe. Players take the roles of heroes thrown into global conspiracies and sinister plots, exploring ancient ruins of a race long vanished and protecting the rightful kings and queens of Theah from murderous villains.
Save the Queen of Avalon from treacherous blackmail!
Thwart a dastardly assassination attempt on the Cardinal of Castille!
Raid the villainous fleets of Vodacce Merchant Princes!
Free the Prince of the Sarmatian Commonwealth from a mysterious curse!
Make decisions that alter the very course of Thean history!
In 7th Sea, you are a Hero, an icon of Theah ready to live and die for causes that matter. You bravely take on a dozen thugs with swords, knives and guns all on your own. You are the trusted knight, a loyal bodyguard or even an adventuring queen herself.
In other words-you are d'Artagnan, Milady de Winter, the Dread Pirate Roberts, Jack Sparrow, Julie d'Aubigney, and the SCarlet Pimpernel all rolled up in one!
This is a game of high adventure, mystery and action. This is a game of intrigue and romance.
This is 7th Sea.