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Return To Freeport (Pathfinder) SC - (RPG)

Canadian and Provincal ta

Format: Full color softback, 192 pages
Go back to the city that started it all! Return to Freeport is a new adventure set in and around Chris Pramas's classic City of Adventure that mixes fantasy, pirates, and Lovecraftian horror with nonstop danger and potential rewards. Player characters begin at 1st level and progress all the way to 11th as they seek to cure an ancient curse, track down slaver gangs, face off against the forces of the nation of Mazin, and uncover who is behind the long line of threats to Freeport itself. Compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Return to Freeport is the perfect companion to the Freeport: The City of Adventure setting book!
Freeport is known for its adventures, dating back to Death in Freeport in 2000
A perfect way to start a new Freeport campaign
A complete adventure series for the Pathfinder RPG