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Grimm Fairy Tales - Deck Loadable Content - Universal Fighting System

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Join in the fight against The Dark One as one of Sela Mathers’s allies: The Beast Hunter, Belle; Liesel Van Helsing, the Vampire Hunter; or even Sels’s estranged daughter, Skye Mathers. Or, embrace the darkness as The Dark One and bring your enemies to heel! The battle to control or free the multiverse rages on in this Deck-Loadable Content™!

Zenescope – Grimm Fairy Tales Collectible Card Game DLC Display

Each DLC contains four new Characters. Each Character has an Attack and a Foundation card. A breakdown of each Character Set can be found below:

1x Character A
2x Attack A
2x Foundation A

This set features 12 new cards for a total of 20 cards. All cards in the DLC are foil!