Future Card Buddyfight: Golden Garga Ace Climax Booster Pack


Welcome to Future Card Buddyfight.

  • 5 cards in 1 pack
  • Every pack guaranteed one R or above rarity card!
  • Every box guaranteed a SECRET pack!
  • Parallel foils of commons and rares are randomly inserted.

Primary Worlds & Card Types

  • Dragon, Danger, Magic, Katana, Ancient, Dungeon, Darkness Dragon, Hero, Star Dragon
  • Total of 84 types
  • BR: 2 / SP: 4 / SECRET: 10 / RRR: 8 / RR: 12 / R: 18 / C: 30

★ Tons of powerful new cards!! ★

Yuga, Subaru, and Masato got their hands on powerful new cards to fight their friend, Ranma!

"Garga", 《Astrodragon》, 《Linkdragon Order》, 《Godpunk》, 《Electrodeity》, 《Folktale》, "Cosmoman" decks are boosted and raring for a climatic fight!

Activate the "Deity" ability of "Garga"!!

Moreover, you can form an entirely new and powerful deck with cards from this booster alone!!