Future Card Buddyfight: Draknight Ace Trial Deck (BFE-S-TD01)


Welcome to Future Card Buddyfight.

A new garga with new abitlies appears!

This trial deck lets new players learn Buddyfight easily and lets advanced players utilize this trial deck to it’s full potential! Why don’t you pick up this trial deck for yourself today?!

Bonus chance to get foil flag!

One set out of the six (in 1 display) has a RR-foil character-flag card (instead of normal card) hidden inside it! Will you be the one to pull it!?

Trial Deck Vol. 1: Draknight

  • Start Deck contains 52 <Dragon World> cards (fixed contents)
  • Card Types: 20 Unique + 1 Flag
  • Includes Life Counter, Rule Sheet, Playmat
  • 1/6 Chance to get RR-Flag with Character Art!