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Future Card Buddyfight Ace Ultimate Booster Cross Vol 1 Case Closed Booster Box

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Buddyfight crosses paths with other worlds in the Future Card Buddyfight: Ace Ultimate Booster Cross Volume 1 - Case Closed set. The set is perfect for enhancing -Side:White- and -Side:Black- trial decks. Furthermore, it will be possible to build decks which are different from the trial decks using cards from the boosters. Are you ready to solve the mysteries in the world of Case Closed? Each booster box contains 10 packs. There are 7 cards in each booster pack, including 1 RR or better and 2 R cards. Parallel foils and of U and R cards are randomly inserted in packs. The primary world in this set is Detective Conan. There are 72 cards in the set, including 6 SP, 6 SR, 6 RRR, 12 RR, 18 R, and 24 U.