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Future Card Buddyfight - Ace Ultimate Booster Cross Display Vol.2 - BanG Dream!

"BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!*PICO" is a moving girls band comedy, with lots of laughter and tears as we join the cute Girls Band Party characters on their adventures at the hidden jem of a Live House, 'CiRCLE'

"BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!*PICO" descends upon the world of Buddyfight!
• "BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!*PICO" features a cute and cheery world, and the decks formed even allows the player to gather all 5 members of each !

Contains SR cards with character signs!
Original Illustrations + Gorgeous sign cards from the voice cast!!
Total 5 types of "Extravagant Rares (ER)"
• Aimi - Kasumi Toyama
• Sae Otsuka - Tae Hanazono
• Rimi Nishimoto - Rimi Ushigome
• Ayaka Ohashi - Saya Yamabuki
• Ayasa Ito - Arisa Ichigaya

Introducing the Flag card which drives the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!?PICO set!

This flag allows the player to have up to a total size of 5 on the field, AND have an additional card on the LEFT and RIGHT.

This means that it is possible to have all 5 members from a band on the field at the same time!

Raise the flag, and excitement levels of the game by having full members of your favorite band on stage!!

Primary World and Card Types
Primary World: BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!*PICO
Total: 91 types
ER: 5 / SP: 6 / SR: 20 / RRR: 6 / RR: 12 / R: 18 / U: 24

Product Specifications
• 7 cards per pack - 10 packs per box
• 1 out of 5 types of PR packs randomly inserted in each display