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Funko POP! Games - Pokemon Vaporeon (#627)



  • Ontario & Quebec: 2-6 Figs: $9.99 Flat Rate | 7+ Figs: Free Shipping
  • Rest of Canada: 2-10 Figs: $14.99 Flat Rate | 11+ Figs: Free Shipping

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Vaporeon is a water-type Pokemon who shares the physical traits of with aquatic animals and land creatures in appearance, it's molecular structure is close to water. It has the ability Water Absorb, this allows it to absorb any water-type moves and heal itself and this combined with it's newer generations ability to breathe under water and ability to melt underwater and disappear make it quite adapted to life under water.

This Pokemon Vaporeon Funko Pop! Vinyl comes packaged in a window displayed box and measures approximately 3-3/4 inches tall.