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Picture Pairing Crocodile Hunter Edition


Your animal friends are playing hide and seek. The Australian wild is a big place, and you'll need to use your memory to find many of the creatures and critters living here! Players place 22 Circle Tiles face down into the play area. A collection of Australia's distinctive wildlife is hidden on the reverse sides of many of
these Tiles. Three Animal Cards are drawn from a deck and placed faceup. Players take turns exploring the Outback, flipping two Tiles over. If a Tile matches a Card, it's scored, and the Card is replaced. Unscored Tiles are placed facedown again. You'll have to move quickly"¦ If you draw a Scramble card, the animals have heard you coming and find new hiding spots"”you must reshuffle all the remaining Tiles! When all the animals are found, the player who scored the most Tiles wins!
Interesting Gameplay Features
- Introducing a better game for preschoolers and their parents.
Picture Pairing games have an easier setup, fewer pieces, and less
frustration than most family games!
- A novel approach to memory games with a richer and more flavorful
theme, storytelling, and a controlled randomization mechanic to
better engage kids!
- Components feature colorful and unique
Game Contents
- 22 Circle Tiles
- 19 Cards
- Game Board (Map)
- Instructions
Game Details
- Family Board Game
- Ages 3+
- 2"“4 Players
- 10 Minutes