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Catacombs Conquest Card Game


The witch, Lenore, has captured heroes from across the world to engage in a
contest of wits and strength to recharge a magic statue she found in the catacomb.
In Catacombs Conquest, a player chooses a card from their hand that represents a
character from their chosen team (Sword or Skull).
Then they flick their "character disc" or "ranged disc" (representing arrows, fireballs
etc.) in the play area attempting to hit their opponent's disc.
Quick to learn, set up, and play, the game is ideal for casual players and families.
- Catacombs Conquest combines a card game with a
dexterity game.
- Two or four players play cards and flick wooden discs
from either the heroic Sword Team or villainous Skull
Team to eliminate their opponent's Health Tokens.
- Features "mobile obstacles" that can be controlled by
players to provide strategic cover or disrupt the
plans of opponents.
- Walls define the play area and prevent discs from
falling off the table.
Players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 15-30 min
UPC: 62845119207