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Dragoborne - Rise to Supremacy Vol. 04 - Reaper's Gift - Trial Deck (Bushiroad)

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Service in both Life and Death Dragoborne returns with a 4th trial deck that will engage you in more ways than one. The reaper will come for your creatures often in this deck, but it often bears gifts, allowing you to send your creatures into the fray with the knowledge that alls well that ends well. Power up your creatures as they slam into the enemy, with "Kazzakh, the Hellbent" increasing their attack and endurance at the cost of their life. Not to worry, they will return moments later, whole in body. "Gearmagnus Saboteur" rains pain at your opponent's as it flings itself against the enemy. Keep your opponents at bay with "Supreme Ambition", resting them while you prepare your troops to wring the life from their bodies. Disorient your opponents with "The Gardener", siphoning to manipulate your dice as you peek into your opponent's future.