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Rofl! Party Game (6)


From acclaimed game illustrator John Kovalic comes ROFL!, the party game of extraordinary guessing where you have to figure out a well-known phrase or expression before time runs out! With each round, players have to condense the selected phrase into as few characters as possible while still having the guesser figure out the message! If the guesser can figure it out from your clue, you win the round! If you have the most points at the end of all the rounds, you are the winner!

  • OMG! Take turns guessing everyday phrases in as few characters as possible! Can you do it before time runs out?!
  • LOL! Use phrases that range from those made famous in television, movies, and books to well-known historical quotes! ROFL! comes with nearly 200 cards that will change up the game each time you play!
  • BFF! Great fun for up to 6 players that will keep you playing for hours on end!
  • FYI! To be declared the winner, you will have to score more points than all the other players! Do you what it takes to win ROFL!?
  • Game design and illustrations by John Kovalic, acclaimed illustrator behind the Munchkin card game series.


  • 175 Double-­"sided cards (350 entries)
  • 56 Scoring Chips
  • 7 Game Pawns
  • 7 Markers
  • 7 Dry-­"Erase Boards

Players: 3-7
Ages: 13+
Playtime: 30-45 min

UPC: 81544201481