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Fantasy Craft: Time Of High Adventure SC - (RPG)


This is the Time of High Adventure.
Whether racing to contain a plague of inhuman proportions, quashing a cult dedicated to one of the oldest horrors in the known world, or delving into one of the most twisted dungeons ever devised, this is indeed the time of high adventure, when heroes rise, villains fall, the dead walk, and pech sell tickets!
Embrace the Days of Peril and Plunder:
Three adventures playable by parties of any level: protect the crossroads of Fels Cut from a new undead menace in "The Darkest Hour," put to rest ancient horrors in "The Cleansing of Black Spur," and face the ultimate dungeon challenge in "The Vault."
The Realm, a plug-and-play campaign setting
Decorative and print-ready maps and handouts
Stat sheets to prep NPCs and adversaries in minutes
Sessions and sessions of gaming goodness!
Time of High Adventure brings back the old-SChool excitement of classic fantasy modules, thrusting you into a land of turmoil and danger, a land begging for champions and a return to the glory of old.
Your Legend Shall Be Chronicled.