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Doctor Who Rpg Paternoster Investigations - (RPG)


Welcome to the Victorian Age!
Paternoster Investigations takes your Doctor Who Roleplaying Game to the Victorian era: favourite haunt of the Doctor and home to the Paternoster Gang. Victorian London and the particulars of the age are laid out in all their varied splendours.
A catalogue of all the Doctor's on-SCreen visits to Victorian era.
A tour of the Victorian era as a setting with notes on how to get the best from it in your games.
Expert advice on constructing your own Victorian-era adventures and Paternoster Gang campaigns.
A guide to Victorian London with both historical and alien locations.
New traits, gadgets and devices for the Victorian age.
A complete Victorian-era adventure: A Study in Flax.
Character sheets for Victorian-era characters: Madame Vastra, Jenny, Jago and Litefoot, Jackson Lake, and more.