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Catacombs Third Edition


First published in 2010 and now in its third edition, Elzra's award winning tabletop
game, Catacombs, continues to attract fans from around the globe!
Catacombs is a unique tabletop fantasy experience in that players skillfully flick
wooden discs representing heroes, monsters, fireballs and more.
Up to four players control a party of heroes who cooperatively use spells and
abilities to defeat the monsters and eventually the Catacomb Lord.
Players capture gold coins from fallen monsters and then use them to upgrade their
heroes by buying items at the Merchant, restoring health at the Healer or trying their
luck in the Tavern.
- Catacombs™ Third Edition is the award winning
dexterity “dungeon crawl” tabletop game
- Choose from six noble heroes including the Barbarian,
Elf and Wizard to flick through perilous encounters
- Battle challenging monsters including the Crypt Spider,
Owl Bear and Gelatinous Cube
- Designed for quick setup and fast play
6 double sided game boards
2 decks of gold currency cards
8 player mats (4 Heroes, 4 Catacomb Lords)
sticker sheet (not shown)
68 wooden pieces
Rule book
4 decks of cards (38 room cards, 9 item cards, 12 wizard spell cards, 13 monster cards)
UPC: 62845119201