Cardfight Vanguard: The Answer of Truth - Extra Booster 04 VGE-V-EB04

  • 1 Cardfight Vanguard pack contains 7 random cards
  • 1 box contains 12 packs
  • Number of VRs included is increased! Each box comes with either 1 VR or 1 SVR! (※This applies to this booster and all subsequent extra boosters)
  • This product is recommended for experienced players due to the characteristics of the clans featured.
  • Decks of each clan can be constructed with just this product! (Trigger units and first vanguards featured)
  • The OR for 《Gear Chronicle》 will come with the new illustration as it is a new unit.
  • Each box will include a pack of 3 Gift Markers
    (1 each for “Force”, “Accel”, and “Protect”, with 1 of them being a unit illust version)