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Latte Throwdown Game


Latte Throwdown is a 2-4 player Dice Pool/Dice Rolling and placement game. You are a Barista competing in a Latte Art Throwdown competition. Complete and score the best latte pours before the competition does! You score points by matching your dice to the combination of dice shown on the Latte Cards.The first Barista to reach 20 points wins! Use your Barista powers strategically and beware of the other Baristas, who will try to creatively snatch the best designs ahead of you. Hold that pitcher steady, keep an eye on the other Baristas and don't spill your milk!


- Game Board
- 30 Dice
- 4 Pitcher Play Pieces
- 18 Barista Cards
- 36 Latte Cards
- 1 Rule Book
- Solo-Mode Rule Set

Players: 2 - 4
Time: 20min
Ages: 8+