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AEG Black Box 2016

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For the third year, AEG will be releasing our Black Box, just in time for Black Friday and the holidays. Each year, the contents are a mystery but this year AEG will tease the contents, leading up to the release.

To start, this year’s box is for advanced gamers only. In previous years, we had a value box and a casual box. Each year, we aim to vary the contents of the black box. We listened to feedback from 2015 and we’ve made a product that will challenge gamers looking for a serious game!

Everyone is welcome to test their mettle on the 2016 Black Box but we recommend this product for gamers who appreciate a complex card game experience.

This year’s box is recommended for advanced gamers only.

Do you have what it takes?


We are very pleased to announce the arrival of PHASE!

In Phase, players take actions to bring powerful champions into the struggle to control the Nexus. These cards have a duality - good and evil, light and dark, etc. Cards "phase" from side to side as the game is played. This creates wild swings of power, allowing players to quickly shift from attack to defense and create all sorts of wahoo fun combos.

Because of this fluid game play we know that this game will be familiar to people who were active card game players in the first years of the CCG phenomenon. Crazy combos that "break the game" will appear. People will figure out all sorts of strategies to use these cards in ways that the rules don't envision. We think that's a feature, not a bug. Phase is a game that celebrates the kind of overpowered, surprising, inventive player strategies that got left behind when CCGs "became so serious".

This is a game for Advanced Players.

The box has over 300 cards and is a complete game for up to 5 players. Players may want to buy more than one box, or each player in a group might want their own box so they can make more customized decks with the additional cards.