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Dungeon Discoveries: SCifi Story Hooks (RPG)



Draw instant story and NPC ideas for your scifi roleplaying games. Easy, replayable, systemneutral. Dungeon Discoveries card decks provide endless, modular story ideas with the flip of a card. Your ultimate invisible guide during game prep and gameplay.Are your players going in unexpected directions? Dungeon Discoveries card decks provide you endless story and NPC ideas with the flip of a card. Match any entries from the top and bottom for near-infinite combinations.The SciFi Story Hooks set provides you with interesting NPC ideas and motivations on the spot for when your players are going into unplanned territory. With a little imagination, these GM prompts are the start of a new adventure!Compatible with any Roleplaying Game50 cards in tuck boxUS Poker Size linen pressed cardsThousands of possible combinationsMix sets for endless inspiration