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Dungeon Discoveries: SCifi Locations (RPG)



Draw instant item and immersive little ideas for your scifi roleplaying games. Easy, replayable, systemneutral. Dungeon Discoveries card decks provide endless, modular story ideas with the flip of a card. Never will you have to say again You Find Nothing �!
Coming up with original details on the spot is not easy. Dungeon Discoveries card decks provide endless inspirational world-building details with the flip of a card. With this deck, you create imaginative futuristic things to find when your players are searching or veering off the beaten path.
The SciFi Locations set provides you with interesting location ideas on the spot, when your players are going into unplanned territory. With a little imagination, these GM prompts are the start of a new adventure!
Compatible with any Roleplaying Game
50 cards in tuck box
US Poker Size linen pressed cards
Thousands of possible combinations
Mix sets for endless inspiration