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TORG Eternity: Day One Adventures HC (RPG)



All across the world the maelstrom bridges land, heralding the invasion of the High Lords. Experience the chaos and uncertainty of the opening minutes of the Possibility Wars first hand. Players take on the roles of ordinary people all over the world caught up in events beyond their comprehension and control. Will you survive to become a Storm Knight?
Gain new insight about each cosm as they first arrive on Core Earth, and discover clues about the High Lords' methods and plans. Play an inexperienced hero as they undergo their "Moment of Crisis" and become a Storm Knight.
This product also includes new foes, threats, vehicles, and advice for adapting the Day One stories to your own campaign. Each adventure offers guidance for new Game Masters, and introduces the concepts and rules of TORG Eternity one layer at a time.
Seven adventures across ten game sessions, set all around the world.
Pregenerated characters let you jump right into the action.
Experience the Possibility Wars from the opening day!
The updated version of the reality bending classic 90's phenomenon.