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The Dark Eye: Aventuria Armory (RPG)


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Author: Thomas Craig, Marie Mönkemeyer, Alex Spohr, Ariane Willumeit; Additional material by Kevin MacGregorArtist: Verena Biskup, Marc Bornhöft, Anja Di Paolo, Ben Maier, Nikolai Ostertag, Nathan Park, Matthias Rothenaicher, Nadine Schäkel, Wiebke Scholz, Elif Siebenpfeiffer, Sebastian Watzlawek, Karin Wittig, Maurice WredeDirector: Timothy Brown[Other creative staff]: Kevin MacGregor (Editor), Nadine Schäkel (Art Director)Size: 8.5" x 11.875"Page Count: 160Format: Hardcover, full colorRecommended Age: 11+Publication Date: July, 2017 Product DescriptionThis supplement for The Dark Eye RPG presents exciting new rules and a fantastic array of useful gear for your Dark Eye campaigns.
Highlights include new rules for weapons, armor, and everyday items such as crowbars, astrolabes, and mage's robes. New hit zone rules allow characters to mix and match armor types to suit their personal sense of style. Refine your battle tactics with new advantages, disadvantages, and rules for weapons and armor.
Defend yourself with new weapons such as the versatile Warunk hammer, the stealthy nightwind sword, and the fearsome, two-handed Pailos axe. Stride confidently into a dragon's cave wearing fireproof Iryan leather armor, or stroll proudly down the street in a suit of rare and prestigious Tulamydian mirror armor.
Whether you play a skilled warrior, a learned mage, a wise priest, or even a humble farmer, the Aventuria Armory has something for you!
Sales Points:
New rules for weapons, armor, and equipment to add flavor and excitement to your campaign
Valuable information for all characters, regardless of profession