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The Dark Eye: Starless Sky Short Story Collection (RPG)



When stars fall from the sky, the peoples of Aventuria see visions of impending doom. The signs are clear to everyone, from simple farmers to clergy and even crowned heads of state.
Whether these visions will prove true, or even possible, none can say. The Walls of Alveran tremble and the 13th god rattles his chains. When such a powerful entity moves even his little finger, monumental events are set in motion. The Turn of Ages brings great change to Aventuria. The fate of a continent, nay, an entire world hangs in the balance, and valiant heroes may tip the scales.
This collection of short stories gathers tales related to the fateful event known as the Starfall.
Within these pages you'll find over 20 fantastical stories that transport you to the far corners of Aventuria, and beyond.
First story collection for the world of The Dark Eye.
Terrific setting information on a long-established, growing game line.
A classic European fantasy role-playing game with 30 years of history.
The same high-quality Euro-board game feel brought now to a role-playing game.