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Fate Of The Norns - The Illuminated Edda S/c


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From: Pendelhaven

"I know that I hung
on a wind-battered tree
nine long nights,
pierced by a spear
and given to Odin,
myself to myself,
on that tree
whose roots grow in a place
no one has ever seen."
- Havamal

The Illuminated Edda contains the eternal wisdom of the Viking gods. Within these pages are tales from both the Prose and Poetic Eddas. Epics that endure: the Havamal, the Voluspa, the Gylfaginning and many more. Additional sagas complete the Fate of the Norns cosmology and present, for the first time, a seamless narrative that delivers a seamless tapestry of Viking mythology.

The Illuminated Edda's pages are beautifully illustrated with evocative and stunning full colour works.

- Poetic Edda
- Prose Edda
- Kalevala
- Mabinogion
- Cath Maige Tuireadh
- Lebor Gabála Érenn
- New sagas

The new sagas are the mortar that binds all of the myths together and presents them as a complete tale.   

Made in Canada.