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Invisible Sun RPG The Key HC (RPG)


Note: This special-order item may take 7-9 days to ship.


Format: 208 page hardcover
The critical rules every player wants.
Even as you read this, you're doing so in Shadow. You believe it to be the real world, and the sights and sounds you see are normal. You believe the events around you have meaning and significance. But a part of you, deep down, knows they do not. A part knows the real world is far bigger, far more mysterious and wondrous, then the grey shades around you.
Of the four hardcover rulebooks included in the Invisible Sun Black Cube, The Key is the title most referenced by every player around the table. A sort of "player's handbook" for Invisible Sun, it contains the rules for creating and advancing characters, and many gaming groups prefer to have more than one copy at the table. This is that additional copy, released at the same time as the reprint of the highly sought-after Black Cube.
All The critical rules an andividual player needs to create, run, and advance his or her character.
A second copy of the most-used rulebook in the Black Cube. Invisible Sun players have been clammoring for this book.
A great way to give customers a look at what's inside the Black Cube without opening one up (But don't forget the QR code on the outside of every Black Cube, which leads to a tour of the contents!)
Invisible Sun is an RPG like absolutely no other!