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GM Toolbox: Dungeon Tiles Set III (RPG)


Note: This special-order item may take 7-9 days to ship.


Have you been looking for that one final piece to the puzzle that will make your tabletop gaming experience more engaging and enjoyable? Have you considered the Dungeon Tiles Set III from Nord Games? Our dungeon tile sets are:
Compatible with a variety of tabletop RPG games
Flat and easy to assemble
Built to last
Easy to store
When you have one or more Dungeon Tile sets from Nord Games you have the unique opportunity to optimize your tabletop RPG games in a way that was not once possible. Build elaborate dungeon landscapes for your campaigns and future journeys. Collect all 4 sets today!
Product Specs:
40 interchangeable chipboard tiles included
Tiles are 2mm thick
Set 3 of 4