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Amp Affiliation Guide #1


Note: This special-order item may take 7-9 days to ship.

From: Third Eye Games

    The secrets of the world’s first AMP Affiliations are revealed inside. TheSeekers of Enlightenment,  The Changelings, Typhoon and The United HumanFront (UHF) couldn’t be more different from each other, but each group bringstheir own unique powers and abilities to coming war.  

    Inside Affiliation Guide #1, you’ll diSCover: Changelings; Breakdown onChangeling hierarchy and info on available safehouses; New Powers: Atavism andSecretions; Complete adventure: Heller Highwater; Seekers of Enlightenment;Breakdown on Seeker recruitment and what it’s like to be a Seeker; NewUniversal Powers: Kinship and Martial Arts; Complete adventure: Tone, Treble,Trouble; Typhoon; A look at what it means to be in the higher ranks of Typhoon;New Gifts, Drawbacks and even a new Drug: Chillax; New Power: Juicer; Completeadventure: Due South; United Human Front; What is it like to be member of theUHF?; New UHF-Only Power: Genetic Tampering; Complete adventure: Dark or Light.