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5th Edition Adventures: Archives Vol. 2

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From: Troll Lord

This boxed collection includes 7 5th Edition Adventures and the Hardcover Players Guide to Aihrde. The adventures are A6 Of Banishment & Blight, A7 Beneath the Despairing Stone, A8 Forsaken Mountain, A9 Beneath the Helm of Night, A10 The Last Respite, A11 The Wasting Way, A12 The Paladin’s Lament. All designed for play from adventure levels 5-10. The adventures include overland, planar, dungeon, and city, pitting your characters against giants, dragons, demons and more!  Play in a series or as stand-alone adventures!  Expand your understanding of the world and the game.  Includes one Players Guide to Aihrde Hardcover and 7 5E AdventureModules. 

Made in the USA.