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5th Edition Adventures: Player's Guide To Aihrde Hc

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(The original SKU was solicited as “5th Edition Archives Vol.2”, but unfortunately, there was an error at the printer and the SKU used needs to be updated to this information.)

The Players Guide to Aihrde unleashes a plethora of new gaming material for the 5th Edition of the world’s most popular role playing game. Though created as a companion to the long selling world of Aihrde source book, The Codex of Aihrde, the Players Guide is designed for use in any setting or homebrew game. Within you’ll find -- Demi-Human Classes: Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Gnome & Halfling ·-- New Equipment include primitive Guns, Cannon and more --    New Spells for All Classes --  Gods and the Powers they Bequeath -- More Guilds.  Expand your understanding of the world and the game. 

Made in the USA.