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5th Edition Adventures: C4 Harvest Of Oaths

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From: Troll Lord

The River Basin lies between the Spine Ridge to the north, and the Cherry Hills in the south. It holds the meandering Mistbane River, the life blood of the ancient and dreaded wood, the Darkenfold. Here trails switch back on one the other through a country haunted by small dragons, wild eSChl and will o wisps. Harvest of Oaths is a series of encounters that can be played together as a loosely linked story for an overland campaign or broken into pieces and played separately. The adventures are designed for mid-level characters but are fairly easy to SCale for high and low-level characters.  Plunge once more into the Darkenfold and explore the haunts of the River Basin Country.  Harvest of Oaths is an adventure for 3-5 characters of around 4-7 level. 

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