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Shadowrun 5th Court Of Shadows


From: Catalyst

Number of Players: N/A
Playing Time: N/A
Recommended Ages: 13+

Court of Shadows takes the award-winning rules of Shadowrun 5th Ed. to a setting that has always been part of the Sixth World but never fully detailed. They mysterious Seelie Court has long shaped the elven nation of Tír na nÓg and parts beyond, and this book dives into its secrets and the powers who lead it. Full of high fantasy and intrigue, Court of Shadows presents a new way to play for veteran Shadowrun players and newcomers alike, pitting them against the tricky, manipulative fae of the courts to see who will decide the future of the Sixth World.

  • Offers setting, plot, art and character details to immerse players into this new setting. Includes connections to current and future Shadowrun storylines.
  • Includes fairies, spirits, and other creatures from a wide range of cultures and traditions, making an exciting blend of possibilities for players.
  • Provides information o how to work in tandem with traditional Shadowrun 5th Ed. games or as a standalone game.