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Shadowrun 5th Anarchy

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Recommended Ages: 13+

Shadowrun remains one of the most beloved gaming settings of all time. The cyberpunk-crossed-with-fantasy setting has a wide and enduring appeal, and Anarchy provides rules for a new style of play in this great world. Storytelling comes to the fore in this book, allowing gamemasters and players to work together to craft a fun, fast-moving gaming experience. Whether you’re brand new to tabletop role-playing or a long-time Shadowrun player just looking for a different way to enjoy your favorite setting, Shadowrun: Anarchy offers a fun, fantastic storytelling game.

  • Using an alternate simplified rules set, Anarchy is a narrative-focused game experience.
  • Includes numerous ready-to-use characters so players can dive right into the action.
  • A slew of ready-made missions will have players on the mean Sprawl streets of the Sixth World in no time.