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Numenera: Explorers Keys Ten Instant Adventures


Note: This special-order item may take 7-9 days to ship.

From: Monte Cook

All the wonder, mystery, and awe of the Ninth World—just none of the prep!

Prepping for an RPG doesn’t have to be any more difficult or time consuming than setting up a board game. The innovative Instant Adventure format has GMs up and running adventures in just ten minutes. The ten adventures in this book aren’t sketchy outlines or adventure seeds—they’re complete adventures, with maps, creatures, Show ’Em illustrations, and all the details you expect, presented in a unique format optimized to let the GM hit the ground running with minimal prep.

Explorer’s Keys contains ten complete Instant Adventures for Numenera. Drop them into your ongoing campaign when you don’t have time to prep your own adventure, or run them as pick-up games or one-shots (pregenerated characters are even included!). You can even string them together as an entire campaign for months of effortless play! This trove of exciting adventures is a must-have for beginning and veteran Numenera GMs.

  • A great upsell item—loads of intriguing adventure at an easy price.
  • Ten meaty adventures, with maps, great Show ’Em illos, NPCs, and all the details you expect. Plus all the incredible, game-selling imagery of the weird and mysterious Ninth World setting of Numenera.
  • Jumpstarts campaigns—and when gamers run campaigns, they’re back in your store for more product.
  • Includes six pregenerated characters and 10—yes 10!—exciting, complete adventures.