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Invisible Sun RPG Secrets Of Silent Streets (RPG)

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The City of Notions. The Heart of Indigo. The Center of Real World.
Like any metropolis in any realm, Satyrine isn't one city but many. Fartown, the Marquis Quarter, the Strangeglass District, the Hollows, and the vast abandoned stretches ”all offer different experiences and moods as well as unique landmarks, resources, denizens, and dangers.
Secrets of Silent Streets is a guide to this vast, rich, and unique city - the epicenter of the Orders of Magic and the very center of the Actuality. Travel the seventeen districts of Satyrine, each detailed through dozens of points of interest and illuminated through its own unique atmosphere, social expectations, and traditions. And along the way find scores of plot hooks, NPCs, creatures, and of course loads of magic.
An in-depth look at the unique Invisible Sun setting - unlike any other RPG on the market. One of a very limited number of supplements for Invisible Sun. Fits in the slipcase that comes with Book M. Invisible Sun players will absolutely want this to fill that blank space!