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Cypher System Unmasked (RPG)

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Superpowers and Horror from the Master of Both
It's 1986. Top Gun is in theaters. Papa Don't Preach � is on the radio. Halley's Comet is in the sky, and Iran-Contra is in the news. The Russians are in Afghanistan, and the Doomsday Clock is at 3 minutes until midnight.
But that doesn't matter. Because at school, at the mall, down by the 7-Eleven, you've started seeing things others don't. Hidden power glowing in what seem to be everyday items.
And when you follow that strange compulsion to create a mask from these items, you become . . . someone else. Someone with abilities and strengths the world has never seen, and an agenda that may not be your own. And there are others, with their own agendas. Maybe that Doomsday Clock matters after all. . .
Superheroes and psychological horror from the acknowledged master Dennis Detwiller, creator of Delta Green and Godlike? Yes, please!
An entire campaign setting in a hefty, 192-page hardcover. A dark version of the '80s, with new character options, adventure material ”everything needed for your campaign.
Drives sales of the Cypher System Rulebook, necessary for play.
The fall's Cypher Play season will focus on the Cypher System; your players will be eager for non-Numenera content to spend their coupons on!
Stranger Things season 2 airs in October. Just sayin'.