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Numenera: Starter Set (RPG)

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Convert massive interest into massive sales with the Numenera Starter Set!

Interest in Numenera is going to be huge this fall and into 2017. How can you convert this into sales “and then drive sales for the corebook and full RPG line? With the Numenera Starter Set. The prefect intro to the Ninth World and the Numenera RPG, the Numenera Starter Set has everything needed to play your first few sessions ”at a price that makes it easy to try!

Where do your customers go from there? The Numenera Starter Set seemlessly guides players to the Numenera corebook, and the rest of the RPG line, for continued play. It's an excellent tool to build a vibrant community of Numenera customers in your store, just in time for all the interest!

Contains everything needed for a great Numenera experience: pregenerated characters, basic dice, a poster map, introductory rules, two adventures, cards, and a cheat sheet.