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Shadowrun 4th Vice



Contains no game mechanics; could be used with any edition of Shadowrun. provides background information, game rules, and details needed for players and gamemasters to learn about the crime underworld in Shadowrun and adopt it into their games.

Selling Points:

Details the major (and some minor) criminal organizations in the Shadowrun setting, along with some of the crucial characters in these organizations as well as the most wanted independent criminals.

Provides rules to help players join and interact with a wide variety of criminal elements.

Offers adventure hooks to help gamemasters plan their campaigns.

Builds on plot information presented in Ghost Cartels.

Updates previous sourcebooks and provides setting information for fans interested in the current state of Shadowrun’s Sixth World.

Target Market:

Current Shadowrun players and gamemasters.

Shadowrun fans interested in keeping up with the game world’s background and developing storyline.

Any role-playing gamers looking for organized crime information to use in their campaigns.