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Mutants & Masterminds 3rd: Emerald City

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From: Green Ronin

Format: Slipcase with three full color, softback books and a poster map

Emerald City is a new setting for the World’s Greatest Superhero RPG, Mutants & Masterminds! It comes in a beautiful slip case with a poster map and three books: the 96-page Player’s Guide to Emerald City, the 128-page Secrets of Emerald City, and the 120-page adventure Emerald City Knights. Set in the same universe as the award-winning Freedom City, Emerald City provides a home base for your heroes and a place they can shine. The three books deSCribe a fully realized city that until recently was downright normal. It didn't have alien armadas filling the sky, or mad gods trying to turn it into a Hell on Earth. Things were stable…until the Silver Storm tore through the city and unleashed a flood of dangerous supervillains and monsters. Now criminal masterminds have cast aside years of fragile peace, ready to go to war to settle old SCores and claim the throne of the city's underworld. Emerald City has no established teams to call on in this crisis; it is a city that needs heroes. Will you answer the call?

Selling Points

* Emerald City is the first setting designed specifically for Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition.
* Fans have been dying to learn more about Emerald City since the publication of Threat Report (a book of Emerald City villains released in 2012).
* Emerald City expands the universe of Freedom City, which is already hugely popular amongst Mutants & Masterminds players.